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Proceedings edited and compiled by Markus Noisternig and Nicolas Misdariis.

Published by IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique), Paris, France.

Copyright 2010 by the Ambisonics 10 contributors. All rights reserved. Copyright remains with the individual authors. No part of this publication can be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise without prior written permission of the individual authors.

Proceedings compiled at June 17, 2010.


Inverse Problems and Sound Reproduction.
Philip A. Nelson, Filipo Fazi, Keith Holland, and Takashi Takeuchi

Spherical Sound Scene Analysis
Ramani Duraiswami, Nail A. Gumerov and Adam E. O’Donovan

Ambisonic Decoding with and without Mode-Matching: A Case Study Using the Hemisphere
Franz Zotter, Hannes Pomberger, and Markus Noisternig

Sound Spatialization by Higher Order Ambisonics: Encoding and Decoding a Sound Scene in Practice from a Theoretical Point Of View
Rozenn Nicol

SESSION: General Considerations on Spherical Acoustics Theory

Nonuniqueness of the solution of the sound field reproduction problem
Filippo M. Fazi, and Philip A. Nelson

Soundfield synthesis for general enclosures
Dylan Menzies

Applying the ambisonics approach on planar and linear arrays of loudspeakers
Jens Ahrens and Sascha Spors

SESSION: Theoretical Considerations on Comparative Subjective

Impact of regularization of near field coding filters for 2D and 3D higher-order ambisonics on auditory distance cues
Sylvain Favrot and Jörg M. Buchholz

Sound localization in a sound field represented by spherical harmonics
Amir Avni and Boaz Rafaely

Depth perception in interactive virtual acoustic environments using higher order ambisonic soundfields
Gavin Kearney, Marcin Gorzel, Frank Boland and Henry Rice

SESSION: Spherical Microphone Array Systems and Signal Processing

Near-field spherical microphone array for speech
Etan Fisher and Boaz Rafaely

Does capsule quality matter? A comparison study between spherical microphone arrays using different type of omnidirectional capsules
Simeon Delikaris-Manias, Vincent Koehl, Mathieu Paquier, Rozenn Nicol, Jérôme Daniel

Blind source separation using independent component analysis in the spherical harmonic domain
Nicolas Epain, Craig Jin, André van Schaik

SESSION: Spherical Loudspeaker Array Systems and Signal Processing

A comparative study of platonic solid loudspeakers as directivity controlled sound sources
Alexander Mattioli Pasqual, José Roberto de França Arruda, and Philippe Herzog

Quiet zones for active control of sound using a spherical loudspeaker array
Tomer Peleg and Boaz Rafaely

Spherical directivity resonance synthesis
Andrew W. Schmeder

SESSION: Ambisonics for Sound Scene Reproduction and Virtual

Using VBAP-derived panning functions for 3D ambisonics decoding
Johann-Markus Batke and Florian Keiler

High angular resolution planewave expansion
Svein Berge and Natasha Barrett

Scaling new heights in broadcasting using ambisonics
Chris Baume and Anthony Churnside

General-purpose ambisonic playback systems for electroacoustic concerts: a practical approach
Jörn Nettingsmeier

SESSION: Ambisonics and Music Composition

Kernel Expansion: a three-dimensional ambisonics composition addressing connected technical, practical and aesthetical issues
Natasha Barrett

Compositional control of periphonic sound spatialization
Marlon Schumacher and Jean Bresson

SESSION: Capture and Analysis of Radiation Patterns

Listening to the direct sound of musical instruments in freely adjustable surrounding directions
Christian Nachbar, Gerold Nistelberger, and Franz Zotter

Acoustic center and orientation analysis of sound-radiation recorded with a surrounding spherical microphone array
Daniel Deboy and Franz Zotter

SESSION: HRTF Modeling Applying Spherical Acoustics

Applying extra- and interpolation methods to measured and simulated HRTF data using spherical harmonic decomposition
Martin Pollow

Calculation of head related transfer functions in the proximity region using spherical harmonics decomposition: comparison with measurements and evaluation
Khoa-Van Nguyen, Thibaut Carpentier, Markus Noisternig, and Olivier Warusfel


Seven years of ICST ambisonics tools for MaxMSP; a brief report
Jan C. Schacher

Efficient sampling for scanning spherical array
David Alon and Boaz Rafaely

Spherical loudspeaker array modeling and control using different basis function representations
Dima Khaykin and Boaz Rafaely

A review of the compressive sampling framework in the lights of spherical harmonics: applications to distributed spherical arrays
Bruno Masiero and Martin Pollow

Improving sound field reproduction based on higher-order ambisonics in a small room with a 157-loudspeaker array
Takuma Okamoto, Densil Cabrera, Markus Noisternig, Brian FG Katz, Yukio Iwaya, and Yôiti Suzuki

Perceptual evaluation of a circularly symmetric microphone array for panoramic recording of audio
Enzo De Sena, Hüseyin Hacihabibolu, and Zoran Cvetkovi

Real-ime ambisonic simulation of auditorium acoustics within a digital audio workstation environment
Barry Watson and Fraser D. Clark


HARPEX demonstration
Svein Berge

Streaming directional instruments over the internet
Markus Noisternig, Franz Zotter, Rémi Desmonet, and Winfried Ritsch

The Rapture3D OpenAL advanced audio engine
Richard Furse

Compact loudspeaker array for enhanced stereophonic loudspeaker reproduction
Etienne Corteel and Matthias Rosenthal

SESSION: Atélier Concert

"medium" an interdisciplinary work on the poem medium by Kerstin Preiwuß
PyongRyang Ko and Kerstin Preiwuß

Kernel Expansion
Natasha Barrett

Pacific Slope
Joseph Anderson

Les fruits du hasard
Daniel Courville

Multi-Channel audio installation based on extracts from the piece Caméléon Kaléidoscope
Marco Antonio Suárez Cifuentes (composition), Norbert Schnell (live-electronics),and Hélène Colombotti (percussion)

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