Perceptual evaluation of a circularly symmetric microphone array for panoramic recording of audio


Enzo De Sena, Hüseyin Hacihabibolu, and Zoran Cvetkovi


A circularly symmetric multichannel audio recording and reproduction system has previously been proposed by Johnston and Lam. This system aimed at perceptual reconstruction of the sound field and employed a sparse circular array of directional microphones driving a matching array of loudspeakers. An improvement to that system based on stereophonic time-intensity panning concepts has recently been proposed. In this paper localisation performance of that system is compared with the original Johnston/Lam configuration, and 2nd-order Ambisonics using a formal subjective localisation test. It is found that, for a listener positioned at the centre of the multichannel reproduction system, the newly proposed improvement to Johnston/Lam system delivers a more accurate spatial rendition of the sound sources as compared to the 2nd-order Ambisonics decoder we used.

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